What Are The Basics Of Great Landscape Design?

When you’re ready to turn your backyard or front area into a masterpiece, you’re going to need to use all the tricks of the trade when it comes to landscaping. It’s not enough to simply visit your local landscape supply center and buy a few tools. You’ll need to do some serious planning to make sure you’re making the right choices for your space. Landscaping isn’t just about beautifying an existing outdoor area. If done right, it can amplify your outdoor space and make your yard’s natural elegance come to light. The right landscaping job will help your home look its best, increase curb appeal, and help you create a more useable, easily-navigated backyard or patio. You’ll be able to impress guests, get a better return on your investment when the time comes to sell, or simply enjoy your home on beautiful summer days. If you’re ready to turn your yard into a paradise, here are a few landscaping tips that will help you do it.

Use Lighting in Creative Ways

No matter what your budget is, when it comes to your landscaping remodel, lighting is going to play an essential role in whatever you do. Before thinking about a grand restructuring or taming of your outdoor area, think about your yard in terms of organization and navigation. Is your lawn layout pretty straightforward, or is it difficult to get around. Is your home visible to guests at night? Is it easy to see your house number from far away? If your lawn is pretty wild and untamed, you’ll want to start by throwing a little light on the subject. This doesn’t just mean installing a few cheap string lights. You’ll want to insert a few solar lights to create a pathway to your door or through your garden for a start. Next, think about illuminating your house at night. Using well lights or installing lights in nearby trees to cast a subtle ray of illumination on your outdoor area can help create a beautiful, elegant facade that leads visitors to your door without issue. You can also use lighting to help show off some of the more showstopping aspects of your outdoor space, such as a garden or patio.

Let Your Garden Shine

If you have a garden (or multiple gardens,) you’ll want to show it off. Whether your garden is in a separate space off to the side or integrated through your yard, you’ll want to find a way for people to walk through or past it without disturbing it. Planting pavers to create a walkway will allow you to space out your planters or flower beds easily. Rather than putting your garden in one central place, you can use your flowers, plants, and produce as visual points of interest. Don’t bury your garden in the back or turn it into a totally off-limits area. If you’re worried about pests, you can find more visually pleasant ways of blocking off certain areas without hiding them away from visitors and guests. As long as you let your garden and the pops of colors it offers fully shine through, you’ll be creating a visually stunning outdoor area that won’t quit.

Keep Consistent

If you have the budget to engineer a major rehaul, you might be tempted to go wild, installing new lights, planters, walkways, and architectural elements at every turn. But hold on: Remember that, with any aspect of landscaping or hardscaping, less is usually more. You don’t want to overwhelm the eye, and you don’t want to turn your outdoor space into an area so busy-looking that you can barely appreciate all the different, thoughtful aspects of it. Start with a larger project, such as cleaning up the lawn and planting a few flowerbeds. After that, figure out how you can integrate hardscaping elements to really accentuate the work you’ve already done, rather than dwarf or obscure it. You don’t need to go all out, installing huge sculptures or planting trees. Even if you have a huge space to play around with, try doing your projects one at a time to see what works and what doesn’t.

Stay Simple and User-Friendly

You want your outdoor area to become a work of art. Still, you don’t want family members and guests to not be able to take advantage of the area by walking around freely and enjoying the space for relaxation and play. When designing new structures, such as a new patio or outdoor kitchen, be mindful of this, and try to keep things user-friendly rather than turning your backyard into an untouchable, unapproachable mausoleum. Your outdoor space should look both beautiful and inviting. That’s why it’s a good idea to turn your attention toward walkways, stone paths, and other hardscaping elements that will help your family move around the space with ease.