Questions About a New Roof and Benefits?  

Roof repairs and getting a new roof put on a house is something every homeowner may face. Repairs are necessary to stop any further damage once it is discovered, but a new roof has those same results and more benefits than just stopping the damage. When deciding to get a new roof there may be questions and decisions to make, before having it put on by a roofing company. The roofing professional will have the knowledge and skill to answer questions and explain the process that will take place including taking away the debris from the old shingles. 

Common Questions 

There are some common questions that homeowners want to ask a roof company Volusia County FL about getting a new roof, especially if the roof has been damaged and these include:

• If damaged by a storm or other weather-related event, the most common question is whether the homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage. 

  • When a repairis needed a common question by the homeowner is why shingles in a different location are being replaced. The answer they will receive generally is because where the damage to the interior is found does not mean directly above it is where the water is finding a way into the house. Instead, it is because water rolls down the roof, so it may be finding a different spot but because of the slope of the sheeting in the attic or crawl space it can travel down to where it drips off. This means the actual damage shingles are above where the interior damage is being seen unless it is a flat roof then the damage may be directly above where interior damage is seen in the structure. 

  • How often is, a new roof is required and are there signs that a roof is necessary is a common question by homeowners. There are signs that can be seen that may not be actual damage to the interior but rather seen on the shingles. Shingles when old begin to cup and curl. There also may be signs of broken shingle pieces on an older roof that is in need of replacement. 

    Roof Choices for a New Roof

    There are choices the homeowner can make when getting a new roof and that will have benefits. While most homes have a roof to fit the style of the home when built technology never stops. A roof that was put on a home twenty years ago will not have the same shingles that are available today since the materials used have been improved to hold up better and last longer even if they have the same appearance. Then there is another choice for homes with asphalt shingles since there are architectural shingles. These are made differently than the traditional asphalt shingle to have a more pleasing appearance and can be used instead of the traditional shingles being taken off to replace the roof. 
    The Benefits

    There are benefits to having a new roof put on a home. The first benefit is clear since it will stop any problems but there is the benefit of a new roof saving on heating and cooling. The roof will also stand up to storms better because of the quality and being newly secured since nails can move over time. The roof will also raise the value of the home and give it a better curb appeal.