Buying tips for drilling machine

Are you looking for a pair of tools to do your household repairs and installations? Well! It is quite obvious to have a toolkit to install or repair things whether you are a householder or a serviceman. Among all other tools, one tool that is a must have and is very useful in household repairing works is none other than a drill machine. A drilling machine is very much important to install locks on doors, hanging photo frames and racks in the kitchen. They are very easy to use and you can adjust the speed accordingly. The best part is now you don’t need to wait for a serviceman to do all these little works. But before you proceed with buying a drilling machine, here are few Buying tips for a drilling machine.

7 Buying tips for the drilling machine

There are millions of drilling machines that are available in the market both online and offline. But choosing a perfect one that does the job for you can be a difficult task. No worries! Here is a buying guide to follow while you buy your first ever drilling machine.

#1. RPM and Impact Rate:

Drilling machine defines the best of it when the revolution per minute is great. Yes! It defines the quality of the drilling machine as the higher the revolution per minute, the smoother the machine will work. However, in most of the drilling machine, the RPM and the impact rate are identical.

#2. Power:

Another important factor that is a must check before buying a drilling machine is the power rate, Yes! A drilling machine must have good power speed to penetrate solid surfaces. However, the standard power of drills are around 500 watts but in case you need a machine with lesser speed, then go for drills with 400-450 watts. If you are buying it for residential work, then a low power would do the work otherwise for professional works buy a drilling machine with more power,

#3. Budget:

One of the most important factors to look out before you consider buying a drill machine is the budget. There are drills that come under Rs.2000, whereas few are above Rs.2500. However, that isn’t a fixed rate as with the company and the quality the price may vary. Choosing a good quality drill machine with all features such as a drill kit, wrench, includes pliers etc.; may cost you more than Rs.3000.

#4. Kit or Drill:

Before you think of purchasing a drilling machine, look out for your requirements. Understanding your requirements well will help you to choose a proper product. Think whether you really need a kit as it has several products or you need just the drill machine? Go for the drill machine kit if you need all the tools and in case you need just the machine, go invest in a good drill machine.

#5. Types of Drill:

Now while you look for a drill machine, you will find several types of it. There are basically four types of drill machine available in the market namely cordless drill, corded drill, angle drill and hammer drill.

#6. Brand And Warranty:

When you are buying a product, what matters the most is nothing but brand. A good brand is what justifies the best of the lot. A brand determines the quality, the performance and the overall layout of the drill machine. Also, while buying a drill machine, don’t forget to check the warranty period of the product. The product must offer a minimum of 6 months or 12 months of warranty. A good brand generally offers 12 months of warranty and also great build quality.

#7. Extra Features:

While you think of buying a drilling machine, why not look for something extra than the regular basic features? Yes! Features like screwdriver mode or the hammering mode is a must look for extra features. However, most of the drilling machine usually doesn’t have the both together. If you want a machine to crack the surfaces, then hammering mode is a good option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a machine to tighten a screw or to loosen it, then you must choose the driver with screwdriver mode.


The drilling machine is one of the most important tools that every householder must have. It works great for some repairing works or for other installation works. However, hand drills are a common choice for the woodcrafts whereas you can choose yours according to your requirements. Knowing the proper way of using a drill machine is a must.