Natural slate: the charm of a unique material for your home

Natural slate is a material increasingly requested and used in the construction of flooring and interior and exterior cladding for homes. One of its indisputable advantages is certainly to be a material with good resistance to compression and flexion and for this reason slate can safely be used also with structural function, for example in cornices where it is possible to obtain very light and aesthetically elaborate structures.

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As many people know, natural slate is also impermeable and this makes it suitable for use as an element of the roofing and in the lining of the walls exposed to the north (those subjected to the heavy rain) and also in the agricultural channels, as material for the pipelines of the white and black waters, in the oil mills, wells, sinks, stoups and sinks.

It is clear, therefore, as numerous publications tell about, that slate is an extremely versatile material that can be used both as a building material with a load-bearing function and as a material for the creation of furniture and high decoration items.

And it is precisely because of its design and its versatility that more and more often natural slate is chosen for the creation of a patio, for walls, for paving in the house or even for roofs.

Its natural color is undoubtedly one of the aesthetic characteristics that most strikes the attention when we talk about slate. The dark gray tone, rich in chromatic nuances, makes it possible to create a floor or wall covering that is unique in their kind thanks to the exclusivity of this material.

Thanks to the many shades of color, also very different from each other, you can still choose a different shade from gray / black and give a different style to any room in the house, perhaps combining the color chosen for slate to the more classic or contemporary style furniture or the type of color game you want to make in the different rooms of the house.

With a multicolored slate, for example, each room will immediately appear warmer and more welcoming, while with natural dark slate each room will acquire a new perspective depth that will increase the charm of each corner and allow you to play with some color contrasts between the dark tones of slate and the lighter shades of the various pieces of furniture.