How to reduce energy use at home?

It doesn’t matter if your budget is small or big if we had lower bills life would be easier. Even if we try to be more energy efficient, the bills usually stay the same or the difference is negligible. We tend to use HVAC more in winter and summer to make that optimal temperature and comfort we need. As technology is advancing, we have more options to reduce the energy cost in our home.

There are many tips you can follow, but for the start, you should check if everything is working correctly in your home. Before you advance to newer devices, check if the old ones are working and maybe costing you to lose more money. You can find an award winning HVAC firm online that can help you lower the energy cost.

Upgrading your HVAC

In order to wonder what you need to do to lower the energy bill, you need to know how much energy your home is spending on average. After that, you will notice if your HVAC system is old. If you want to invest in a new system, you should look for certified cooling and heating systems.

If you want to save money, you can tune up or repair it. To prevent any damage you should check the system once a year. To repair your furnace or air conditioning will be much cheaper than getting a new one. An average furnace repair is around $200, and don’t forget to replace air filters which are usually the main problem. Read more on this page.

Insulation and home appliances

When you think about saving energy at home, insulation can be the number one thing. You should hire a professional at some point to check where in the house you will need insulation so you can save money on heating. Usually, the spot we lose most energy is through the roof where the attic is. The price for insulation can be high, but for that attic which does the most damage is around $1500 which can solve a lot of problems.

When it comes to home appliances, you wouldn’t believe how much energy a refrigerator or stove can use. Companies are now making devices that are efficient but don’t last long. Home appliances usually last up to 10 years, after that it is time to change if you want to save energy. New devices can save up to 30% of energy.

Window treatment

We usually don’t think much about windows when it comes to energy efficiency, but they are a very important part of it. Depending on which time of the year is it, windows will heat up your room or keep the cold air out. You should check if they are isolated properly, and throughout the day it is smart to let more sunlight in, so you can save electricity you would use on lighting.

The insulation like for the attic goes for windows they are the second most important part to insulate. Soon we will have glass windows that work like solar panels. We will be able to store energy through our windows. We can expect to have technology available in next 5 years. The only problem is that it is going to be really expensive.

Read more about it here: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/design/windows-doors-and-skylights/update-or-replace-windows

Tips you can do yourself

The first tip you can do yourself is to lower the water heater temperature. The heater’s temperature is usually set to 140 degrees, but you won’t feel the difference if it’s lowered to 120. It maybe isn’t much, but when you look how much you save throughout the year, it is beneficial.

Another little difference you can do in order to save energy is to replace your light bulbs. The old ones are providing much heat which damages them quickly and they won’t last long. You can rather use LED lightning which is beneficial in the long term.

If you really want to save energy and make your bill smaller, you have to be responsible in the first place. You should always turn off all devices you aren’t using at the moment. There was a study where they tested how much you can save when you turn everything you aren’t using, and they said you can save up to $100 depending on the home.