How to Keep Termites Away from Your Home

Termites pose danger to homeowners throughout Washington. The tiny insects are useful to ecology but when they invade a home, they’re anything but helpful. In fact, as tiny as they are, termites are capable of causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in a matter of a few short months. Termites feed on cellulose, a substance that is found in rotting wood. The pests aren’t picky and will enjoy any source of cellulose, including your home if they’re capable of getting near. It is up to you to take the appropriate measures to prevent a termite infestation from taking over your home. 

Stop the Problem Before it Starts 

Preventing a termite infestation before it occurs is a homeowner’s best defense against this pest. It is far easier to keep the pest away from the home than it is to get rid of them once an infestation occurs. One colony of termites can house as many as 60,000 of these pests, keep in mind. Keep an eye out for signs that indicate termite presence, such as mud tubes around the home’s foundation, swarms of termites during the fall, and/or discarded insects lying around your property. It is also important to keep all food sources away from the home, so the pests aren’t attracted that way. Remove dead tree stumps from the lawn and never allow cardboard, lumber or other cellulose-containing items to pile up. 

Pest Control Eliminates Termites 

If you suspect a problem with termites in your home, do not hesitate to call professionals for pest control services Anacortes WA. Prolonging the call is the worst possible way to handle a problem with termites. Termites won’t simply decide one day that they no longer like your home and disappear. Instead, they will continue enjoying the yummy cellulose as they slowly destroy the home that you have worked so hard to own. When you call the pros immediately upon suspicion of termites, you’ll reduce the damage the pests cause. 

Professional pest control experts offer a variety of treatments that alleviate termites quickly so there is no additional damage caused to the home. They bring forth the expertise and know-how to stop termites in their tracks. Once you call a professional, you’ll learn more about the termite elimination techniques available and the best options for your specific problem. Even if there is a limited budget, there are termite treatment solutions available that will resolve the problem. 

Schedule a Yearly Termites Inspection 

It is recommended that all homeowners hire a professional to perform a termite inspection each year, even if there are no signs of a problem. Termites can burrow deep within the structure of the home, so discovering the problem may not be as simple. An expert inspection each year gives you the comfort of knowing that termites aren’t dragging you down or making your home their personal sanctuary. You should also hire a professional to provide a termites inspection before purchasing a new home.