Finding Your Dream Home Now

There is nothing greater than living in a beautiful home. Walking through your front door and feeling excited and proud about the beauty and comfort that surrounds you is an incredible feeling. Waking up in a home you treasure gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction that will fulfill you in so many ways. And you will definitely want to show off your home as often as you can.

If you’re currently searching for a home like this or wanting to see the latest trends for your home remodel, you will not want to miss the Eau Claire Parade of Homes. Each beautifully built home will showcase what’s new in architecture, interior design, painting techniques and the hottest color trends, as well as new appliances and fixtures. Whether your favorite trend is shiplap or vaulted ceilings, you’ll see it all on the Parade of Homes.

The very first Parade of Homes took place in Salt Lake City in 1946 and was held by the Salt Lake Home Builders Association. Since then, numerous states around the country have adopted this annual event. The tours usually take place during specified hours over a week-long period. Homes can range in price and square footage. There are usually several different builders showcasing their homes in a parade. Awards are often given for homes that exceed expectations in style and build. A Parade of Homes may be free to the public or there may be a small fee. Check your local listings to find about admission fees and tour times.

Visiting the homes participating in the parade will give you a chance to focus on things like floor plans, layouts, square footage, and building style. It will also give you an opportunity to see a variety of home styles and trends. Whether you’re a new home buyer, or a homeowner wanting to remodel, you can visit several homes in a day. This is also a time for you to get to know different builders and see their work up close.

Having a good relationship with the builder of your new home is very important. And if you’re looking to remodel, it’s vital for you to feel comfortable with the builder and to make sure you’re both on the same page. You’ll need to ask the builder lots of questions and you’ll want to make sure you connect. It is especially important for you to know that the home you’re buying was built by a highly qualified, reputable builder. It’s just as important if the builder is taking on your remodel.

If you aren’t currently living in the home of your dreams, make sure to check out the Parade of Homes. You deserve to live in a home that exceeds your expectations and is a home that provides comfort, security and a sense of overwhelming pride. Find your perfect home, or the perfect builder for your remodel, when you visit the Parade of Homes.