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Popular Western Themed Home Decor Styles for Summertime

The western geographical lands of America have long been a revered decor style. There are some sensational new western themed home decor styles perfectly suited for summertime lifestyles. The western states feature many beautiful landscapes that include brilliant desert scenes and rocky mountainous terrains. A sunset seems all the more vibrant and real when seeing it against the backdrop of wide-open desert valleys and craggy mountain cliffs. Many homeowners replicate the beauty of western scenes by utilizing the warm hues and natural textures into their interior design plans. Native American patterns are also a popular choice. This decor style can work all year long with a few seasonal adjustments.

To create an indoor Home Decor AZ retreat, it is best to let in as much natural light as possible. Sometimes, simply changing the window treatments can bring in more outdoor sunlight. Older homes might need some window changes to fully take advantage of the outdoor scenes. It can even be cost effective to switch to newer window selections that have energy efficient features built in. The West is admired most for its glorious wide-open spaces. Most people feel free and relaxed when living in this type of environment. There are some strategic tricks that home interior designers use to mimic the natural beauty of these fantastic outdoor western views.

A quick way to make your interior spaces feel larger is to install hardwood flooring. There are many different styles of hardwood floors and faux hardwood flooring that can instantly create the illusion of more space. Older homes might have terrific hardwood floors below the current carpeting. If your home is smaller or lacks enough indoor light, consider using a lighter wood for the floors to keep the area brighter. Some prefer wood paneling inside, and others can get that authentic log-cabin look by installing some interesting real wooden beams into a living area.

Wooden floors can be warmed by using area and throw rugs that have geometric or other western style patterns and bold color choices. Remember that creative lighting can add that welcoming vibe that most families yearn for inside their homes. Consider adding a unique rustic light fixture that can become a gorgeous focal point while also adding warm ambiance and added depth to a space. Gleaming copper pendant lights are ideal for western-themed homes. Go with comfortable furniture that can be accented with handwoven rugs, handcrafted quilts and colorful pillows.

Try to create an indoor space that flows well from one room to the next. Capture the spacious outdoor views by keeping your home free from busy decorations and cluttered rooms. Strive for inner balance that focuses a person’s attention on the best indoor focal points. Consider adding a natural fireplace and a more open floor plan. Interesting staircases can be an excellent visual focus. For an instant summertime upgrade, consider adding brighter artwork or painting an accent chair a summer-worthy hue. Add warmer-weather plant-life in carved wooden planters, artistic clay pots or hanging from hand-braided plant-holders.