Top 3 Sports Headphones to Buy in 2018 and Beyong

When it comes to sports and exercising, there is a huge list of wearables and tech gears that people need. But the list is not complete without mentioning headphones. In fact, headphones are so important during workouts that they need a separate article. Needless to say, music provides motivation while exercising which requires extreme physical effort and exertion. Not only sportsmen but common people who wants to life a healthier lifestyle are required to put their utmost effort in exercises and music helps people in this task.

Unlike other sports gadgets such as fitness trackers, trainers and smartwatches, headphones do not hold priority for athletes but the significance of music during exercise is undeniable. Finding the right pair of headphones, on the other hand, is really difficult. Plus, the extensive variety of headphones in the market doesn’t help either. You can choose from a wide range of in-ear and over-the-ear headphones that are specifically designed for sports and workouts. Here are some to the best sports headphones you can buy in 2018.

Beats Wireless Sports Headphones

In the world of headphones, Beats does not need an introduction. They always offer the best and Beats Wireless are no exception. The over-the-ear wireless headphones comes with various features such as long battery life and large Bluetooth range. You can play the music from your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and wander further away from the phone without disconnecting. The 3D antenna enables the wide connectivity range which is perfect for track athletes. Some other features include:

  • The audio quality of Beats Wireless is one of the best features
  • You can control the volume and navigate through songs with the help of neckband
  • They have a long battery life of nearly 40 hours
  • Wide Bluetooth range
  • They have a chic design and are available in multiple colors
  • Beats Wireless Sports Headphones are a but heavier than most other headphones and weigh at least 83 grams
  • For such a perfect pair of headphones, the price is really reasonable at $100

Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones

The latest Jaybird X3 have immediately become popular among athletes, especially runners. They are perfect in every way without going overboard. Jaybird X3 wireless headphones sits like a necklace around the neck and have in-ear buds. The Bluetooth connectivity range may not be as wide as Beats Wireless headphones but it is adequate. Moreover, they provide better music control with the new My Sound smartphone app. Here are some of the best feature of Jaybird X3:

  • Although, they are good for every sport such as cycling, swimming or gym workouts, the best way to use these headphones is while running
  • They have good quality audio but are not as loud as some other headphones
  • The weight is light at approximately 18 grams
  • The battery life is adequate and can last up to eight hours
  • The design of Jaybird X3 is specially noticeable for being chic as well as compatible for sports
  • You can buy these headphones for $70 at the most

KuaiFit Sport Headphones

In addition to having the best design, the KuaiFit Sports Headphones are known for being a heath tracker. You may not need any other sports gadget after you buy these headphones. They have a large range of features that can perfectly accompany you on your workout.

KuaiFit headphones do not require Bluetooth connectivity because they have an internal storage. You can access your music directly from the headphones. In addition to internal storage, you can connect with Wi-Fi and access your Spotify playlists at any time. The headphones are compatible with iOS and Android. Here are some top features of these headphones:

  • Act as fitness tracker and can monitor heartbeat rate
  • They can also provide running advice and assistance from professional physical trainers and coaches, though this feature costs extra fee
  • They have an internal storage of 8GB to store music
  • You can control the music with the neckband that joint the two in-ear buds
  • The style and design of KuaiFit Sport is sleek and modern
  • They have a tight grip and weigh about 31g.
  • The battery can last up to 7 hours each after recharge
  • The price of these headphones ranges at $136 and $146 at different online retailers.