If the title of this post were to be a thesis, there would be over 50 pages of academic reasons backed up with verified research findings on why you should start thinking of growing your food, especially vegetables! Some of the reasons why people find it difficult to divulge in this are because they lack the skills required to do so and also, they don’t have enough time to do it properly.

Due to the steady rise of technology and its incorporation in agriculture, there has been a decline in the nutrients present in each food grown. Research has shown that although modern-day fertilizers help to speed up the rate at which the food grows but it reduces the quality of the crop and its nutritional value. Take a quick read on the benefits below

SAVES YOU MONEY – how much do you spend on groceries monthly? Do the quick mental math; now imagine saving that amount every month for 12 months. Huge right? Well, that’s what growing your food can do for you.

KEEPS YOU HEALTHY – this right here is the main reason to start growing your food. Planting increases physical activity not just for you but for your whole family. If you’re a parent, you know kids love to get their hands dirty, so engaging them to assist you with harvesting those vegetables won’t be such a bad idea. In the end, you’ll realize you’ve just earned yourself some quality farming time.

ADDS VALUE TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD – it gives you the opportunity to give back! If you have an abundance in harvest, deciding to share with your friend next door or giving to your local food bank is a great idea.

Growing your food is not difficult, and you would agree with this phrase once you decide to start doing it. Jamaica Cottage Shop is a Vermont based structural and Construction Company providing basic kits and materials needed to build your utility shed once you start growing your food.

Of course, you can’t keep your planting tools in the main house; it’s not safe and also not hygienic. Jamaica Cottage Shop has a list of DIY plans for utility sheds available upon request. Having been in the business of supplying materials needed for the construction of utility sheds since 1995, Jamaica Cottage Shop boasts of helping families in the USA and Canada to grow their food.

As much as many people would love to grow what they eat, time stands as a significant factor to hinder that idea. But remember, if you don’t create time for important activities like planting that saves you money, keeps you from falling sick, and at the same time helps you give back to the community, then you will definitely miss out on several potential benefits.